Prayer calendar, Sunday 29 January (Homelessness Sunday):
the Housing Benefit barrier

Changes to Housing Benefit will create a barrier that excludes many more people from living in a decent home.


Pray for the many people who may face homelessness through no fault of their own.

Pray for politicians and decision-makers, that they may listen to the voices of people on the edges, and understand the real impact of the policies they create.


  • Download Housing Justice's BLUEPRINT FOR ACTION. It sets out practical ways that churches and individuals can respond to this barrier.
    There is still time to change the Government’s mind about introducing some of these changes. Write to your MP, copying the letter to Nick Clegg and Iain Duncan Smith, and draw attention to the problems the changes are likely to cause.


If you can, please make a donation today to the Action Week partnership. Support us as we stand alongside those affected by this change, and speak out for justice.

Could you donate 5p for every house in your street?

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