Photos and video

Share your photos and videos with us

If you've run a Poverty & Homelessness Action Week event, we invite you to share your photos and video clips with us. We'll use them to spread the word about Action Week, and inspire others to get involved. There are several ways you can share your photos and video with us:

  • Upload your photos and videos at the Flickr website. It's easy to post photos and videos on flickr, either directly through the website, through software you can download for your computer, or even straight from your phone. You can sign up for a free account by visiting
    Once you've put your photos or videos on Flickr, tag them with 'phaw' and they'll appear in our collection of Action Week photos. Tags are like keywords associated with your images, so you can add as many tags as you like. As long as you've included 'phaw', they'll still show up as Action Week images.

  • Email your photos and videos to us: or or

  • Post your photos and videos (on CD or DVD) to us - postal addresses for all the organisers of Action week can be found on the Contact page.